I would like to create a TF series focused around Eyes. Using paint, makeup and other tools to create interesting textures and designs around the eye. Shooting in both light and dark scenes to bring out the characteristics of each design.

I found a few inspirational images and have placed them below.

If this is something you may be interested in please send me a message.

Finger Paints

On June 30th, Marceline and her friend Jynx came over to the studio. While they were there I had Melinda paint them with finger paints. I had her sprinkle paints and put hand prints over them. 

The Finger Paints

We used muffin tins to mix the paint.

In the end, We made a big mess. I'm still finding paint drops all over the place.

The End Result

Concept: Angels

So I had a concept involving angel wings. For this I have an idea of two models, One male and one female. As per wardrobe that I've no idea as of yet.

I do however have an idea as to how to create the most important part of the costume. I could either rent or make the wings themselves but why not do something different. Instead I will project the wings onto the subject. Projecting the wings will allow them to be as large as I would like with as many different variations without major costume changes. 

Projecting the wings.

The first idea is a projector. An easy thing to borrow and get a hold of. A projector allows easy access to see exactly where the wings would be. The harder issue would be lighting the subjects while not blowing out the wings. 

As per the second idea. I could use something similar to the Fulgurator. The harder issue is to position the wings before the strobes fire. This would make it easier to light the subject without blowing the wings.

Frances and her Hula Hoop

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to shoot Frances as she played with her Hula Hoop. Here is the result!

In the Studio:

And we went outside too:

A Special thanks to Melinda for doing the make up.
Link to her BlogFacebook

Kitchen cart

Last Friday I ended up at Ikea. I found myself looking at the Raskog Kitchen Cart and thought it would be perfect for studio work. I've noticed other photographers using carts to hold their gear via YouTube and thought it was a great idea. Generally I leave my open bag on a chair or tote but now there is no need for a bag in the studio. Plus a bag is so cumbersome, everything gets packed away for space constraints and takes time to get things out instead of being readily available. Now everything is right there so I can see and grab it in seconds. The wheels help roll it around where needed. If its too close or too far simply give it a push in the right direction.

The cart itself is a little small. As you can see there is not very much space on either side of a 70-200mm with the hood attached. Not a big deal for myself as I'm limited in the gear I actually own and use.

Product Dimensions are
Length: 13 3/4"
Width:  17 3/4"
Height:  30 3/4"

I've Moved

I have Moved!

I am no longer in Vancouver, BC but rather Winnipeg , MB. Why you may ask? Good question. The company I work for thought I could better use my skill set in the main office rather than across the Country in a remote office. Thus They had my apartment and I shipped here.

But Why? I ask myself that everyday, although I do it every time I move. (Which seems to be quite a bit)

I'm not too worried about the cold as I've spent a year up north taming polar bears. And the summers aren't really all that hot, not compared to the humidity in Ontario anyways. We will see though as its heading into the cold season now. Maybe one day I will turn into a human Popsicle (without the stick(hopefully)).


Timer Remote Controller

Today I arrived home to a package containing a Timer Remote Controller unit I bought a while back. It came all the way from Hong Kong, as with mostly all the cheap stuff I buy does. I had almost given up on it arriving when it did find its way into my mailbox.


I chose this one as it has the same specs as the Canon version only this one cost me $18 instead of $135.99 like current pricing of B&H.

It looks very similar to the Canon equivalent, practically the same with a different logo. I assume by the look of images showing both products and their menu systems. It does feel rather solid and doesn't have that cheap plastic smell either.

One con I have noticed so far is the lack of a power switch. I would assume that it has an auto off feature built in to keep from battery drain. I have not noticed such a feature as of yet. I will leave it for a few hours to see though. (Left overnight with no auto shut off)

In one regard it might have been better to get the slightly different model. The reason being this model takes a CR2032 Battery where as the other takes 2 AAA. Not that I expect the battery to go very soon but its not as convenient as AAA's. especially the rechargeable ones. Not that i'd be using it as often to worry about battery wear and the costing.

As per testing? That is to come once I get up early enough to go shoot the Lions Gate Bridge like originally intended for this device. Since however we have entered the rainy season I haven't been so inclined. Plus I want a clear morning to do it in and so far there far and few between.

With 'NO' testing done however the first few shots taken with it for a few minutes portray it as a good solid piece of equipment. Once I do get a few hours of using it I will update the post with all the information or results found.

For now though, It was a $18 well spent. Of course that could change.

More to come . . .

Flash Triggers

I ran into a few problems the other day while testing a lighting situation. For a few years I've been using 2 pocket wizard multimax's. They work flawless. The most amazing piece of photographic accessory gear I own. Here lies the problem.

The problem:

 I had was with my lights dialed down so low that the remotes didn't fire. And having limited access to the sensor that fires the remote flashes didn't help. I had to wire everything to make it work which is not helpful at all. I do own a set of pocket wizards (amazing hardware) but not enough for all the strobes. With a price tag of $200 for a tranceiver its hardly in my budget. Plus I would need a few not just one more.

The Solution

I am looking for the next best trigger system to stand in until I can afford the next set of Pocket Wizards. I did a little research and most of the triggers I've found people refer to as well Shit. I did locate the Phottix Strato II's. However not being the top of the line but a decent price tag and generous reviews I think I will give them a shot. Considering I can outfit everything I own wireless for the same price as a set of pocket wizards which would only work for  2 more strobes. I'm not expecting to get pocket wizard quality and I know I will not get it. But all I am hoping for is the triggers to fire 90% of the time in a studio environment. If that happens without a large batter drain I'll be more that happy.

I guess if they don't work I will only be out half the price of a pocket wizard as I'm only getting a few to start. If they do work though I'll be overly happy and pick up a few more to fill my needs.

More to come once they arrive.

Cheap Background Stand

Cheap Seamless holder/Background Stand

I've wanted a roll of seamless for a while to turn my living room into a makeshift studio. The trick was I don't really have much room for background stands lying around when not in use or even in use. 

My solution? Home Depot!

One major conn is that its permanently mounted in place. So theres no taking it on location if needed.

The only special thing I did was wrap a significant amount of ducktape at each end of the dowel to stop the side to side motion as the down is floating and not secured so the paper can be changed out as necessary.

Yes I have carpet! Which means the next step is to get a sheet of plywood and tile board to cover the floor where the seamless drops as not to damage the paper while unrolled. But that's for another day.

Small clamps used as a paper weights 

Parts and Prices

2 x Closet brackets (with the rod holder) $4.99
1 x 6ft 1inch Dowel $8.94
4 x screws (that came with the brackets)
1 x EZ-Z Anchors 4 Pack (self driven plasic screw anchors, rated at 75lbs) $ 2.39
4 x mini Spring Clamps $0.69
4 x 2" Spring Clamps $4.29
duck tape that was lying around 

If you don't need the clamps like I did then it all comes to under $25.

Plus the fact that its always in a position that's ready to shoot and will never get in the way unless I leave the seamless rolled out.

Someones Old is Someones New

I was forced into buying new shoes, Not by anyone in particular but by the fact that every time I put on my Con's a strip of duck tape was required to hold them to my feet. While at the mall I required yet another strip of duck tape but I just happened to be out. Needless to say instead of buying another roll of duck tape I splurged a tiny bit for a whole new shoe. Mind you I still need to go buy a roll of the stuff. 

I found myself thinking that even something in the poorest conditions is something new to someone else. Sometimes others just cant afford or even know what brand new shoes are like. This mad me sad and therefore this rant or story about it. Naturally I expressed myself through photo's.


I do miss them, They were so very comfy


The Lost Boot

I saw this random boot left behind by a child on my way home one evening. 
It was just sitting on the rock as if it belongs there.

A shoot with Zeus

I had the opportunity today to shoot my friend Zeus. He had booked a studio to Jam in and invited me along in hopes of capturing something stunning. After fighting off hunger in order to stay a little longer we ended a good session for both of us in about 4 hours. But the more important thing about this post is not the Jam session or the pictures for him. In this I am all about my new 50/f1.4. This was the first real test for it either than the few odd shots walking home last week. First thoughts though. Amazing. I've got myself wondering why it took so long for me to actually buy this lens. After all its been on my mind for a while and its not a terrible expensive one at that. It was not the most ideal lens for this application but I found myself going back to it again and again. It's actually gotten me thinking about selling most of my other lenses so I can go all Primes with a few zoom. Sure zooms are convenient but there was something about only having to focus or zooming either in or out by physically moving. It's something I've often thought of but the more I moved the better the shots became and the more  you get sucked into and are aware of your environment. Since I needed to watch where I was stepping as to not get caught up in any cords or keep from being in the way. The over all experience was amazing. The lens is Amazing. Now to sell off other lenses for more primes.

Images to come after the edit.

Concept : Lions Gate

In thinking about the other 4 images needed to line my wall one has stuck with me. An image of the Lions Gate Bridge going from Stanley Park into the North Shore. I'm thinking the traditional night shot. So blurred car lights as they drive by, Looking down the center getting 2 rows of light from the bridge itself. I also got thinking that I might wait a little bit more until sunrise and get a shot right before the lights turn off and daylight takes over the scene. I'm thinking early morning but in which I have yet to actually drag myself up and about in any time to catch this time frame. I suppose I could do this at night but the only concern with that is the park might be a little too busy for my liking traffic wise around dusk.

More to come once i actually wake up in time


Gear: 50mm f/1.4

Went down to the Camera store today to look at a 70-200 but ended up walking out with the Canon 50mm f/1.4. Haven't had a good chance to get out and use it as of yet but I feel there's a walkabout tomorrow to see what it can do.

          The Box

          The Lens

20 x 30 Print

My walls have been a bit bare since I moved into my new place. Therefore I took a gallery approach for one wall. its a 19' wall in which I will hang 5 Prints spaces roughly 3' apart. The prints will be 20" x 30" in 24" x 36" Frames. Here is my very first one as I don't know what other 4 I want to include.

Polaroid Land Camera

About a week or so ago I finally received my old Polaroid camera from storage. It's an old camera that I found while cleaning out my Uncles place with 2 shots left in it.

So the first thing I had to do was locate film for it. Not the easiest task around here. The only place that I could find that sold it was Beau Photo. The trouble with them is they don't have very good hours of operation. For instance there are only open while I am at work. Thus I needed to order it. Instead of getting Beau's to ship I thought I'd go straight to the manufacture. Since Polaroid no longer makes the film the kind folks over at The Impossible project took it over. They don't quite have the chemistry worked out get which means you get very interesting images.

I decided to start with the 3 pack of PX-70 Push but will order some of the more interesting types of film later on.

With this I will most likely post the images on HOLGA365 instead of here.