A shoot with Zeus

I had the opportunity today to shoot my friend Zeus. He had booked a studio to Jam in and invited me along in hopes of capturing something stunning. After fighting off hunger in order to stay a little longer we ended a good session for both of us in about 4 hours. But the more important thing about this post is not the Jam session or the pictures for him. In this I am all about my new 50/f1.4. This was the first real test for it either than the few odd shots walking home last week. First thoughts though. Amazing. I've got myself wondering why it took so long for me to actually buy this lens. After all its been on my mind for a while and its not a terrible expensive one at that. It was not the most ideal lens for this application but I found myself going back to it again and again. It's actually gotten me thinking about selling most of my other lenses so I can go all Primes with a few zoom. Sure zooms are convenient but there was something about only having to focus or zooming either in or out by physically moving. It's something I've often thought of but the more I moved the better the shots became and the more  you get sucked into and are aware of your environment. Since I needed to watch where I was stepping as to not get caught up in any cords or keep from being in the way. The over all experience was amazing. The lens is Amazing. Now to sell off other lenses for more primes.

Images to come after the edit.

Gear: 50mm f/1.4

Went down to the Camera store today to look at a 70-200 but ended up walking out with the Canon 50mm f/1.4. Haven't had a good chance to get out and use it as of yet but I feel there's a walkabout tomorrow to see what it can do.

          The Box

          The Lens