A new speedlite?

So once again I have ordered yet more equipment. Little hard on the bank account this month I must say. Although most of the purchases have been on gift cards so I can't complain there. I have ordered another speedlite. This speedlite is under $100 and is promising to compete with higher end lights minus the TTL feature but who uses that anyways, Besides in all honesty I have a Canon 430EX for TTL anyways. I have ordered the knockoff YN-560 which is modeled after the 580 EX. From all the reviews I have found it promises great build quality and performance for what I would be using it for. Along with the flash I have added a few extra Stofen's since they were about $3 each to transform into other types of light modifiers as when done I promise to report as to what I have created with these.

So once again Cheers for now!