Getting Dialed In

With All of the documentation that I had found online, I am fairly confident that the Holga shoots at 125th f8. with an optional aperture of f11 that is a larger diameter hole that resides behind the in place aperture. But for now i will get the flash dialed in with my DSLR then bust out the Holga. Not too sure on how this is going to work But here we go!

So for all intensive purposes the shots will have the same camera settings.

Aperture f8, shutter 125th, ISO 400

First Image -- Flash OFF

Second Image -- Flash 1/4 Power

Third Image -- Flash 1/64th Power

Fourth Image -- Flash 1/64th Power with CTO

Fifth Image -- Flash 1/64th Power with CTO backed down to shutter 100th

It now Looks as if I can stick with a very low flash setting in order to do these shots with a Holga. But once the Holga's film gets developed we will know for sure.