Polaroid Land Camera

About a week or so ago I finally received my old Polaroid camera from storage. It's an old camera that I found while cleaning out my Uncles place with 2 shots left in it.

So the first thing I had to do was locate film for it. Not the easiest task around here. The only place that I could find that sold it was Beau Photo. The trouble with them is they don't have very good hours of operation. For instance there are only open while I am at work. Thus I needed to order it. Instead of getting Beau's to ship I thought I'd go straight to the manufacture. Since Polaroid no longer makes the film the kind folks over at The Impossible project took it over. They don't quite have the chemistry worked out get which means you get very interesting images.

I decided to start with the 3 pack of PX-70 Push but will order some of the more interesting types of film later on.

With this I will most likely post the images on HOLGA365 instead of here.