Getting Dialed In

With All of the documentation that I had found online, I am fairly confident that the Holga shoots at 125th f8. with an optional aperture of f11 that is a larger diameter hole that resides behind the in place aperture. But for now i will get the flash dialed in with my DSLR then bust out the Holga. Not too sure on how this is going to work But here we go!

So for all intensive purposes the shots will have the same camera settings.

Aperture f8, shutter 125th, ISO 400

First Image -- Flash OFF

Second Image -- Flash 1/4 Power

Third Image -- Flash 1/64th Power

Fourth Image -- Flash 1/64th Power with CTO

Fifth Image -- Flash 1/64th Power with CTO backed down to shutter 100th

It now Looks as if I can stick with a very low flash setting in order to do these shots with a Holga. But once the Holga's film gets developed we will know for sure.

Holga and a Pocket Wizard

Later next week I will have a photo shoot in a bathroom. We will be shooting for a Psyco style. This I thought would be a great opportunity to bring in the Holga and get some shots whit it. However I have never used my pocket wizard set on top of the Holga. This will be the first for me. Therefor testing is a must. I plan on using a few rolls of film shortly to get everything dialed in but not after some extensive research to find a good starting point.

Cheers for now.

Project HOLGA

As for project "HOLGA365" the ball has started to roll. A collection of 120 B&W film has started to be purchased from the various local camera shops in the downtown area of Vancouver. The domain for the project has also been purchased and is now activated HOWEVER, there has not been a page uploaded to it yet. You can check it out later (possibly a few weeks) as I am currently in the coding process at For the film I have chosen ILFORD HP5 400. I did this not only for the quality ILFORD puts out in the film but the fact that it is always readily available for large purchases at any one of several shops.


A New Project

Holga 365

A project in which a minimum amount of images will be taken every day of the year starting January 1st 2011. From the minimum images taken per day one will be chosen. In the end the one image per day will go into a publication. The publication will hold the selected images from each day for the entire year, so 365 different image of one for each day.

Here are some rules I have come up with so far.

  1. All images must come from the Holga 120N

  2. I must take a minimum of 3 images per day

  3. polls and opinions will be used to help select the images used