Holga 365

And HAppy New Year!

Project Holga has now begun. It got off to a rough start with having partied too hard new years eve but is now in full swing. Several images per day have been captured but not yet posted. Finished off the first roll of film yesterday and have yet o find the time to develop it. This weekend coming I should also be receiving the v600 to start to digitize the negatives. Far too much work to do yet before the images are ready to be viewed. As the website is still not finalized. Hopefully this weekend that will also be in order. But for now it all lays undone until time permits.

But for now


A Scanner

So with project HOLGA 365 I obviously need a way to digitize my negatives to upload them to the site. In this the obvious choice is an Epson scanner. With this I went back and forth between the v600 and v700. After weighing the options carefully I have come to the conclusion but the v700 would be overkill for this project. Both in price and quality. I don't expect to need great quality scans with the scanner because of the nature of the project. Seeing as I am using a plastic camera and scanning in new film and not older stock the v600 should get by for me. However if I was shooting with say a Hasselblad then the v700 would be bought hands down. But for now the v600 will have to do.


Paper Mache

So I have this idea about paper mache. The idea is to shoot a series where the only clothing the model will have will be made out of, well you guessed it Paper mache! The shoot will start with the naked form. From there every so there will be new parts of clothing added by sticking her with this paper concoction. Incorporating words cut from local papers to create quotes and slogans. Preferably slogans that have a relevant political views on our society as I see it.

As of now I'm thinking about a mostly B&W shoot moving into spot colour or full colour for only particular shots in which to put in emphasis.

I do not foresee this shoot happening in the near future as in the upcoming month or so my schedule has gotten very full very fast. Although I do hope to get out and shoot a few other small jobs when I can. More on that in another post though.

And remember Tuesdays are the new Fridays! Now start a trend, Go Party!


Project HOLGA

As for project "HOLGA365" the ball has started to roll. A collection of 120 B&W film has started to be purchased from the various local camera shops in the downtown area of Vancouver. The domain for the project has also been purchased and is now activated HOWEVER, there has not been a page uploaded to it yet. You can check it out later (possibly a few weeks) as I am currently in the coding process at For the film I have chosen ILFORD HP5 400. I did this not only for the quality ILFORD puts out in the film but the fact that it is always readily available for large purchases at any one of several shops.


The concept

A while back I was approached to do a specific portrait. A portrait to recreate the same style as in a photograph of the client grandfather. In looking at the photograph it seems like a pretty run of the mill shot but now agreeing to take this portrait I though what else could I include in the series to make it really pop? In walking home from the shop late last night thinking about the attire and concept of this project it hit me. While a truck drove by I got great inspirations from this. Why you ask? Well the truck was over flowing with potatoes. Potatoes? yes potatoes! I won't reveal any more so you'll know when the shoot is released.

But for now there comes the location scouting tomorrow followed by prop collections. After I gather the needed gear and props I will move on to scheduling a time in which works best for the client.


A Snoot/Gridspot

So I have gathered up my supply of chloroplast, Velcro, black duck-tape and double sided tape to create a snoot with a grid spot insert. Now you wonder why I chose to do this instead of separately, but space conservation is a key for me.

To connect these items to my flash I have chosen Velcro. And well purchased at the dollar store I had reservations upon the quality of the product. Putting the fuzzy side on top my flash about a week ago I have decided I wanted to move it farther back on the flash head as it was impeding my Stofen from properly siting. Upon removal I found not only was this very hard to rip off but also no residue was left behind. I am now impressed with this dollar store Velcro and will purchase more of it.

Once Done cutting all the chloroplast into the smaller pieces needed for this project I have used the left over double sided tape to hold them in place. I used the double sided tape for the reasons of no drying time for glue. I wanted this to be don now and not having to hold things and wait for the glue to dry.

With The snoot I simply cut 4 pieces of the chloroplast and used the black duck-tape to hold it all together. With one end covered in the hook side of the Velcro to attach to my flash.

With this project I simply used my flash head as a template for deciding on the height and width in which to cut the chloroplast. Which probably is not the best way in doing this since when I receive my new flash I will have to create another for it. But now i know what to do and what to change for the next versions to come. But here is the first finished design.

A New Project

Holga 365

A project in which a minimum amount of images will be taken every day of the year starting January 1st 2011. From the minimum images taken per day one will be chosen. In the end the one image per day will go into a publication. The publication will hold the selected images from each day for the entire year, so 365 different image of one for each day.

Here are some rules I have come up with so far.

  1. All images must come from the Holga 120N

  2. I must take a minimum of 3 images per day

  3. polls and opinions will be used to help select the images used