Vancouver's Riot of 2011

After the Stanley Cup Playoff game surprisingly enough a riot broke out. No big surprise there since people have been talking about a small riot if we win and a bigger riot if we lose. Well we lost and along with that came the riot. However the police were not prepared. They in all rights should have been as everyone spoke of a riot weeks before it even got to a breaking point. Now once the riot began I had to run into the middle of it with my camera and see what I could get although i was a little late getting there. In being late I missed all the cars being flipped and lit on fire. However I didn't miss being chased away by the cavalry nor being pepper sprayed a few blocks from the rioters. But enough about my adventure lets get on with the images shall we? You can find the full list of images in my gallery. But here are a few sneak peeks.

The Bay
 Asking for Directions
Crowd Diversion