Cheap Background Stand

Cheap Seamless holder/Background Stand

I've wanted a roll of seamless for a while to turn my living room into a makeshift studio. The trick was I don't really have much room for background stands lying around when not in use or even in use. 

My solution? Home Depot!

One major conn is that its permanently mounted in place. So theres no taking it on location if needed.

The only special thing I did was wrap a significant amount of ducktape at each end of the dowel to stop the side to side motion as the down is floating and not secured so the paper can be changed out as necessary.

Yes I have carpet! Which means the next step is to get a sheet of plywood and tile board to cover the floor where the seamless drops as not to damage the paper while unrolled. But that's for another day.

Small clamps used as a paper weights 

Parts and Prices

2 x Closet brackets (with the rod holder) $4.99
1 x 6ft 1inch Dowel $8.94
4 x screws (that came with the brackets)
1 x EZ-Z Anchors 4 Pack (self driven plasic screw anchors, rated at 75lbs) $ 2.39
4 x mini Spring Clamps $0.69
4 x 2" Spring Clamps $4.29
duck tape that was lying around 

If you don't need the clamps like I did then it all comes to under $25.

Plus the fact that its always in a position that's ready to shoot and will never get in the way unless I leave the seamless rolled out.