A Snoot/Gridspot

So I have gathered up my supply of chloroplast, Velcro, black duck-tape and double sided tape to create a snoot with a grid spot insert. Now you wonder why I chose to do this instead of separately, but space conservation is a key for me.

To connect these items to my flash I have chosen Velcro. And well purchased at the dollar store I had reservations upon the quality of the product. Putting the fuzzy side on top my flash about a week ago I have decided I wanted to move it farther back on the flash head as it was impeding my Stofen from properly siting. Upon removal I found not only was this very hard to rip off but also no residue was left behind. I am now impressed with this dollar store Velcro and will purchase more of it.

Once Done cutting all the chloroplast into the smaller pieces needed for this project I have used the left over double sided tape to hold them in place. I used the double sided tape for the reasons of no drying time for glue. I wanted this to be don now and not having to hold things and wait for the glue to dry.

With The snoot I simply cut 4 pieces of the chloroplast and used the black duck-tape to hold it all together. With one end covered in the hook side of the Velcro to attach to my flash.

With this project I simply used my flash head as a template for deciding on the height and width in which to cut the chloroplast. Which probably is not the best way in doing this since when I receive my new flash I will have to create another for it. But now i know what to do and what to change for the next versions to come. But here is the first finished design.