Battery sale

In heading home from obtaining transit day passes I thought I might stumble into Radio Shack aka "the source", which I generally avoid if I can go elsewhere. DO we really need to go into why we avoid the source? "overpriced shit with uneducated bitchy salesmen"  cough, cough. Anyways Yes I ended up inside.

Upon entry They never even asked If they could help me just a simple "Hello" and shocked was I! Usually they are all over me with questions. What a relief this time was. So I asked if they had any 2900mah. The answer in short was no as he was unaware they made such a thing (big surprise there). Now the knock off or store brand was on sale for about 10 bucks for a pack of 4. So I figured what the hell and bought a pack, being half the price as energizer i figured why not. Now unfortunately they only had one pack. But seeing as how I will be near other locations before the sale ends I might , MIGHT stop in and see about more. Though I may be good for rechargeable batteries right now.On the other hand batteries never seem to be a bad thing to buy and have plenty on hand.