Bobbi Whiskey

Last Sunday or Yesterday I Met up with the ever so talented Karly M (aka: Bobbi Whiskey) from ModelMayhem. The idea was simple, A pack of cigarettes and a poster covered wall near the downtown core. I set off with a simple gear list to use on location. I packed just one strobe and a stand. Using my pocket wizards to trigger the strobe even though the flash itself was never more than a few feet from my lens. I brought along my soft-box but never did bust it out instead i relied on a snoot which worked perfectly for the job.

I probably could have done a few things better but who's to say if I did what I thought of when I arrived back home that I wouldn't still have alternate ideas. Well that's just how my mind works and I'm sure there will be plenty of other opportunities to put them into practice. With saying that I did however get the 3 or 4 shots I had planned to get with a few extra's added in for the bonus factor.