OneLight Workshops

Last night I had finished watching a two part DVD on lighting. A DVD workshop from Zach Arias to show how you can use one light in your photography to create stunning images. At a higher price of $250 the OneLight Workshop is well worth your time and money. Starting with what to look for in equipment to how to properly interact with models. With Zach as the host, this brings a more natural approach to learning.  Not claiming to know all the tricks or how to get the perfect shot every time but more of the trail and tribulations of a photographers life upon creating that one great image. I would highly recommended watching this workshop although being pricey see if it can be rented or borrowed first. But it does come with a rather large shirt which is nice but too big for a small lad like myself.

I hope to purchase the Strobist DVD workshops next but for a cheaper price point of about $140. Hopefully within the next month or so I can have a copy of it in my hands to review.