Yongnuo Speedlite YN560

This morning I woke to a package outside my door. The package was indeed the YN560 I have been waiting for ever so anxiously.  I must say I am rather impressed at how long it took to get here, I was expecting it sometime next week. Which is always a plus when items arrive on an earlier date then expected.

And now the un-boxing!  Upon un-boxing the speedlite everything inside was to be expected. An owners manual, flash diffuser, warranty card faux silk bag containing the lite itself and a plastic foot to mount the unit onto. The first thing I noticed is that the plastic foot has a metal nut inside for the 1/ mount and is actually a way better mount then my Canon  counterpart. With saying that I have now removed the flash from its "protective bag" or sleeve? The unit itself feels very solid in construction.

Naturally now I am searching for fresh batteries. Once the batteries are installed I run it through a general testing of all features. I do this because I have heard of others with the same model having quality control issues. Mine seems to work well so very happy on that account.

The basic testing

First the negatives. The head moves without a button which isn't really a big deal but its just something I would have liked. The screen itself has a graph instead of a numerical value for the flash power(we will fix with a label maker, shh). To shoot or test using the Pilot button proves to be very difficult to press and the power button would be better suited as a switch instead of a depression type in which to hold down for 10 seconds. The PC port would have better been suited with a threaded connection as well. But in all right now I cannot find anything that stands out as a major issue, all issues seem to be personal preferences which I can make do with.

And Now for the things I enjoy about the flash. Again at first glace testings. First off the recycle time is good, not great but for used batteries I like it. In changing batteries the battery cover door is very solid and has a spring to which it locks open, so no flapping about while inserting power sticks like with my 430ex.  The built in diffuser is good but I tend not to use these so not a big deal on the quality there. Musical features and the ability to turn them off is a bonus. Changing the settings on the unit is very quick and easy unlike the 430ex.

The flash should prove to be a great unit especially once i customize a few options to make it to my own preferences. With the limited testing  done just for quality assurance I believe it will prove to be a great flash for the low price tag it holds. I will use it as a main light in the next few upcoming shoots to put it through my real world shooting schedules and will learn more about how well it works and what doesn't for both me and the head. For now I am happy with it and look forward to testing.