Paper Mache

So I have this idea about paper mache. The idea is to shoot a series where the only clothing the model will have will be made out of, well you guessed it Paper mache! The shoot will start with the naked form. From there every so there will be new parts of clothing added by sticking her with this paper concoction. Incorporating words cut from local papers to create quotes and slogans. Preferably slogans that have a relevant political views on our society as I see it.

As of now I'm thinking about a mostly B&W shoot moving into spot colour or full colour for only particular shots in which to put in emphasis.

I do not foresee this shoot happening in the near future as in the upcoming month or so my schedule has gotten very full very fast. Although I do hope to get out and shoot a few other small jobs when I can. More on that in another post though.

And remember Tuesdays are the new Fridays! Now start a trend, Go Party!