A New Camera

Well My Rebel XT has been acting up. I haven't really been getting great image quality out of it anymore, That is well when it wants to turn on. Lately it has refused to turn on, or well it turns on you just can't do anything with it. Its completely froze so you have to reboot it several times before you can use it. However its about 4 1/2 years old and gone through hell and high water. I've dropped it, knocked it, fell on it, froze it, soaked it and god knows what else. That's only in the last year. So I finally strolled into the camera shop and purchased a replacement. For the replacement I chose the 7D. Well its a very nice camera so far and I haven't even taken any pictures other than whats around here. Its twice the size, weight and got more than triple the options. I have only owned it for a few hours and couldn't be happier. Once I get it out and about ill share my experience  and can't wait to stick a model in front of it and run it through its paces.


More on that later though,

But for now