Flash Triggers

I ran into a few problems the other day while testing a lighting situation. For a few years I've been using 2 pocket wizard multimax's. They work flawless. The most amazing piece of photographic accessory gear I own. Here lies the problem.

The problem:

 I had was with my lights dialed down so low that the remotes didn't fire. And having limited access to the sensor that fires the remote flashes didn't help. I had to wire everything to make it work which is not helpful at all. I do own a set of pocket wizards (amazing hardware) but not enough for all the strobes. With a price tag of $200 for a tranceiver its hardly in my budget. Plus I would need a few not just one more.

The Solution

I am looking for the next best trigger system to stand in until I can afford the next set of Pocket Wizards. I did a little research and most of the triggers I've found people refer to as well Shit. I did locate the Phottix Strato II's. However not being the top of the line but a decent price tag and generous reviews I think I will give them a shot. Considering I can outfit everything I own wireless for the same price as a set of pocket wizards which would only work for  2 more strobes. I'm not expecting to get pocket wizard quality and I know I will not get it. But all I am hoping for is the triggers to fire 90% of the time in a studio environment. If that happens without a large batter drain I'll be more that happy.

I guess if they don't work I will only be out half the price of a pocket wizard as I'm only getting a few to start. If they do work though I'll be overly happy and pick up a few more to fill my needs.

More to come once they arrive.