Timer Remote Controller

Today I arrived home to a package containing a Timer Remote Controller unit I bought a while back. It came all the way from Hong Kong, as with mostly all the cheap stuff I buy does. I had almost given up on it arriving when it did find its way into my mailbox.


I chose this one as it has the same specs as the Canon version only this one cost me $18 instead of $135.99 like current pricing of B&H.

It looks very similar to the Canon equivalent, practically the same with a different logo. I assume by the look of images showing both products and their menu systems. It does feel rather solid and doesn't have that cheap plastic smell either.

One con I have noticed so far is the lack of a power switch. I would assume that it has an auto off feature built in to keep from battery drain. I have not noticed such a feature as of yet. I will leave it for a few hours to see though. (Left overnight with no auto shut off)

In one regard it might have been better to get the slightly different model. The reason being this model takes a CR2032 Battery where as the other takes 2 AAA. Not that I expect the battery to go very soon but its not as convenient as AAA's. especially the rechargeable ones. Not that i'd be using it as often to worry about battery wear and the costing.

As per testing? That is to come once I get up early enough to go shoot the Lions Gate Bridge like originally intended for this device. Since however we have entered the rainy season I haven't been so inclined. Plus I want a clear morning to do it in and so far there far and few between.

With 'NO' testing done however the first few shots taken with it for a few minutes portray it as a good solid piece of equipment. Once I do get a few hours of using it I will update the post with all the information or results found.

For now though, It was a $18 well spent. Of course that could change.

More to come . . .