Kitchen cart

Last Friday I ended up at Ikea. I found myself looking at the Raskog Kitchen Cart and thought it would be perfect for studio work. I've noticed other photographers using carts to hold their gear via YouTube and thought it was a great idea. Generally I leave my open bag on a chair or tote but now there is no need for a bag in the studio. Plus a bag is so cumbersome, everything gets packed away for space constraints and takes time to get things out instead of being readily available. Now everything is right there so I can see and grab it in seconds. The wheels help roll it around where needed. If its too close or too far simply give it a push in the right direction.

The cart itself is a little small. As you can see there is not very much space on either side of a 70-200mm with the hood attached. Not a big deal for myself as I'm limited in the gear I actually own and use.

Product Dimensions are
Length: 13 3/4"
Width:  17 3/4"
Height:  30 3/4"