Concept: Angels

So I had a concept involving angel wings. For this I have an idea of two models, One male and one female. As per wardrobe that I've no idea as of yet.

I do however have an idea as to how to create the most important part of the costume. I could either rent or make the wings themselves but why not do something different. Instead I will project the wings onto the subject. Projecting the wings will allow them to be as large as I would like with as many different variations without major costume changes. 

Projecting the wings.

The first idea is a projector. An easy thing to borrow and get a hold of. A projector allows easy access to see exactly where the wings would be. The harder issue would be lighting the subjects while not blowing out the wings. 

As per the second idea. I could use something similar to the Fulgurator. The harder issue is to position the wings before the strobes fire. This would make it easier to light the subject without blowing the wings.